I just signed up here as a recommendation from a colleague at work. I want to learn HTML/CSS from the ground up. I used to have a good handle on it way back but lie got in the way and I feel I am way behind. So I want to try and create an old WordPress site of mine from a blank page, the old site design can be found here

I have made a start and with help from some developers in my office I have managed to get the basic template looking not too bad. I am struggling with the Nivo Slider though as its not looking as slick as it should, blurry and not styled with arrows and bullets.

The site is also not mobile friendly, it is responsive but I want to know how to get it to conform to mobile standards. For example when I reduce the size of the browser window I want the burger icon to show and the layout to change to stacked columns.

The new HTML/CSS only version is here.

I'm hoping guys on this site can help me get a better understanding and learn as I don't think I am that far off from picking it back up again. I just don't want to completely loose my knowledge.