Hello gyus I need some help about what metrics I should take in account and what kind of technique I should use in order to test a database.

I have three databases , in local enviromnent (using 2 VMwares, one with the database and one with jmeter), the second is in the cloud AWS N.California, and the 3rd is in AWS in Ireland.I am using Jmeter (jdbc requests) and im sending queries in order to test the database.

I am thinking to use two techniques load testing and stress testing.With load testing I will have more users in order to see the packet errors, latency and jitter. With stress testing I will have less users but I will increase the time and I will recording the throuput. Also I will send at the same time 2 tests in the same server in order to see the fairness of the application.So in the end I will have 3 diagrams of (errors,latency and jitter) from the 3 server( load testing), 1 more diagram from ( stress testing) and 1 more from fairness.Do you have any suggestions to improve this testing?