I'm an online college student through ITT-tech and I'm taking a database processing class right now. I'm currently behind on my work and have one of the professors at the local ITT campus help me out a little bit on my work but right now he is currently unavailable to help me and I'm falling even further behind.
I have a lab assignment where I have to take this premade database and use SQL to call on the data so that it displays in cordinance with the questions in the book. The question that I'm stuck at right now is:
Write an SQL expression to display the Warehouse and a count of QuantityOnHand grouped by Warehouse. Omit all items that have a counter greater than 2. Show only grops having fewer than 2 items in them. Name the count TotalItemsOnHand and display the results on descending order of TotalItemsOnHand.
I first off dont even comprehend the question entirely. I'm able to get the databse (Microsoft Access) to display the Warehouse and QuantityOnHand sections of the chart but as for the rest I'm lost. The code that I used for the warehouse and quantityonhand is: SELECT Warehouse, QuantityOnHand FROM INVENTORY;
I have tried following the code in the book but got a syntax error.