Hi, I am a Newbie on this site, so apologies if this is the wrong place to post my query. I really need help with an Access 2000 database.

I have created a database with all the relationships etc. working. I have also designed the main forms with subforms etc. Everything is working well. The only thing is the database itself is for staff to login every wednesday and be given three task lists that they need to complete. I have designed these in the Main form and sub form. When the member of staff logs in with a name and work title then hits the go to checklists box I want the next page to come up (i.e. main form/sub forms) with the name and role automatically populated and a list of the tasks that they need to complete. This isn't happening at the moment, when you click on the button the main form and sub forms cum up with nothing populated. As I am new to Access, I am not sure whether there needs to be specific code entered or anything. The three forms that have been set up are : 1. Duty Kit Checklist, 2. Tasks Checklist and 3. Questions Checklist. I have set up queries so that the individual checklists are separated for the specific staff roles.

This probably does'nt make any sense at all, but I am hoping someone can help me. I am happy to send the database for someone to look at or attach screen shots if that would help solve this.

I look forward to any advice that anyone can give.