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    Sql Group By

    Hi, I have a table like this:

    ID Name
    01 Billy Thompson
    02 Billy Thompson
    03 Sam Smiler
    04 Billy Thompson
    05 Theresa Smith
    06 Theresa Smith
    07 Sam Smiler
    08 Billy Thompson
    09 Sam Smiler
    10 Sam Smiler

    I need to produce a record set GROUPED BY Name, but that also contains an ID number for that name, e.g.:

    01 Billy Thompson
    03 Sam Smiler
    05 Theresa Smith

    Billy Thompson has four different ID numbers, I don't care which ID number is returned, so long as I get one of his ID numbers.

    I've tried using the following SQL statements:

    SELECT ID, Name FROM Table1 GROUP BY Name
    SELECT * FROM Table1 GROUP BY Name

    Neither of these work. I can get around the problem by opening one recordset with:

    SELECT Name FROM Table1 GROUP BY Name

    And using a For...Next loop (in ASP) then using a:

    SELECT ID FROM Table1 WHERE Name = RS("Name")

    ...within the loop, but I'd prefer to let the database do this work and just give me what I want.

    Any ideas?

    Little Charva
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    select min(id),name from t
    group by name

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