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    Easiest way to make database searchable?

    Anyone have an idea how I can add a search function to a website that would search an MS Access 2000 database and display the results in HTML?

    I don't want to use MySQL and PHP because I know next to nothing about scripting. What I do have is MS Publisher and Frontpage, which I'm told can both do what I want, but I'm not sure how to set either up on a remote server.

    I have a database with over 5,000 lines of data and it's already too big as a straight HTML table, even after breaking it into a dozen pieces. I need to allow users to search the entire database from a search page and just display matching results.

    If you want an idea of what I'm dealing with: http://www.legacybookfinder.com/catalog-adventure.html

    I have quite a few different pages that I'm currently making by converting database query results into HTML tables, but they are getting huge. I need a quick, easy (read: not too technical) way to just make a search function on the site.

    If anyone has any suggestions, please lemme know. Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Absocold,

    I suppose it's been long enough that no one answered your question. Problem is, your question is not very specific, and is honestly, extremely basic. If you don't know anything about databases and scripting, and you don't want to learn, there's really no way to help you. I will mention that it's not that hard to use PHP with Access, and PHP is very easy to install on a Windows server. You don't need MySQL. Here is an article with some good examples: http://www.phpbuilder.com/columns/siddarth20000228.php3

    I can only assume you are asking because the built-in widgets and wizards provided by Microsoft can't get you there.

    Best I can do is tell you that you are going to have to build a query of some sort, which can take in parameters from a web-based form. This means you are going to have to learn just a little bit about scripting, unfortunately. Even if you use Frontpage, you have to know how to connect A with B.

    I can't give you any more help without knowing what your database design is. For example, if you have each of your book groups in a different table, then we have a problem. Hopefully, you have takend the time to learn a little about normalizing your tables in a database, and how not to store redundant information.
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