I am currently designing a Stats page for a league football League I am in.

I have come up with this particular table design, but am having problems with the way the scheduling works.

The league is a playstation online league, we are going to keep many stats for the team and individual characters on a persons team. I have broken it into these main tables

Team (keeps the Name of the user, the team he uses and his password and e-mail, etc.)

TeamStats (this keeps track of the overall team stats the score of each game, the yardage, etc is stored here)

TeamPlayer (This keeps each of the characters on that teams stats)

Schedule (this is the schedule that each team follows)

The schedule is what I am worried about the most. I can only think of two ways to do this,

1.) Have the key be the Game# (an incrimental number that I setup for each team's game each week. So week 1 would be #'s 1-32. Week 2 would be 33-64, etc)

2.) Have three keys week#, home, and away. As we have some teams that play each other twice.

I think I may be thinking too much or making it more difficult than I need it to be.