I am looking for a good solid database solution. I work with a distribution company which recently went onto the web. We offer thousands of different products in various categories. Since we move our inventory very quickly I have no way of having a real-time database in place so I will not be able to make sales in real time online. However, what I would like to do is have shopping cart like functionality on my site. I would like to allow my visitors to add products that they are interested in to a list. As they find items that they are interested in it adds them to a list. When they are finished looking they then "checkout" and fill out there businesses information and when they hit submit I recieve the "I'm interested" list of products from each user via e-mail. This way my sales department can put together a custom quote for each customer that is interested in products. I am not familiar at all with web databases and I was wondering if anyone here would happen to have a solution that would fit these requirements. I am familiar with databases though, so if someone could even point me in the right direction that would help a lot! I am grateful to any comments posted here regarding this issue. To get a better idea the web site is http://www.gtechdist.com check it out and let me know!


Aaron McClone