Hello there,

Im a newbie and I will appreciate if u answer me as so

Ive run a Freeradius on FreeBSD and configure it to work with Postgresql database. Its for a project

I created the database schema following the configuration files and "I was given" 9 tables
- nas
- radacct
- radreply
- radcheck
- radgroupcheck
- radgroupreply
- radippool
- radpostauth
- usergroup

So far so good. Everything is running, no errors.

I configured a Mikrotik with a Hotspot service and to use my radius server.

No Im supposed to insert some information in the tables, just like user names, passwords, groups (ordered by Rate limit) and to connect some of the users to the groups....

Is there any tutorial about it or can u give me a simple example ( for two users and two groups), so I can see the idea.

I am not sure where the radius server is looking for information and what information needs to build the requested answer to the NAS (my mikrotik), so if u kn that it would be nice

I need that to test the system by a client connected to the mikrotik

In the next two weeks I have to create a simple HTTP website where I can add, delete, list users. Im planning to make it with PHP, but thats not important for my question. I kn I can found some already made websites for that, but the point is to do it alone and learn.

So please dont advise me to download something done, please!!!