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    What's Out There In The Real World?

    I'm just curious what's out there in the real world? It seems like most 70% - 80% RDBMS use Oracle as their database engine but I was wondering how many businesses or companies use Microsoft's SQL Server implementation? We avoid all Microsoft products here at my company for several reasons but as I'm learning SQL and becoming more of a DBA, I'm wondering how many companies and or businesses actually use SQL Server over Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL as their main RDBMS?

    *Please note I'm not bashing any one vendor / product here but more trying to understand what to expect out there in the real business world.
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    70% oracle? that's highly unlikely

    also, you are overlooking DB2

    but what difference does it make what the percentages of the various database systems are? how do you plan to use the information?
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    From personal experience I would estimate that 90%+ of web based companies that use PHP use MySQL for all of their data. I would also guess that well over half of the PHP sites that don't use MySQL use PostgreSQL. Interfacing with Oracle/DB2/MSSQL is possible from PHP, but very rarely done.

    My understanding is that for web based companies that use ASP the market is dominated by MSSQL, although I don't know to what degree.

    I have no experience with database administration for non web based companies, so I can't really say; but I doubt they rely on MySQL or PostgreSQL as heavily.

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    If you ask Oracle then yes it' probably 80% Oracle out there. If you ask Microsoft then it's probably 80% SQL Server out there. If you ask IBM they probably claim that 80% is DB2 - each one of them uses their own definition of what "the market" is.

    The problem with OpenSource databases is, that nobody knows how and by whom they are used. Due to the hosters mainly offering MySQL it is probably the most widely used OpenSource DBMS.

    PostgreSQL is even more complicated because a lot of big companies use them but they don't tell. I know that Skype is powered by PostgreSQL and the NTT (Japanese telecom company) is using it. There are regular mentionings of "big customers" on the Postgres mailing list, but often the poster is not allowed to disclose the names.

    The company I work for has several customers that use PostgreSQL in web-based and non-web based environments (none that relies on MySQL)
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    Mostly I work with data that starts in PeopleSoft DB2 and is warehoused in Oracle. We also have some applications that use SQL Server. We have third party applications (eg Webtrends) that use MySQL. Pretty much any large company is going to be a mix and match.

    Our internal web applications are primarily ASP and interface to Oracle.

    (I work in HR Systems for a large company ... how large? We employ about as many people as live in Newark, NJ so needless to say our HR data is massive)
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