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    Building/finding business listing database


    Don't know exactly where to open this thread, but here it goes.

    I am creating a site which includes a functionality to search and rate businesses, so will need to build a database which will do the job. How should I get all of the business information in a database? Obviously, I don't want myself or end users have to manually enter every business data (name,address,phone #, etc) into the database. Below are at least two ways I can think of

    1. find or buy an excel/database which contains the businesses, parse it/edit it/join it to create my own database.
    anyone know where to find something like that? I don't mind purchasing something if it's worth it.

    2. use a google/yellow page/etc API or query returns to populate my database with the business information. does anyone have any recommendations on the API/search tool or comments on the legality? I don't wont to do anything illegal.

    Hoping others can share their experience.

    Any comments welcome

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    For #2, if you're talking about using an API to pull all of the data in advance into your own database then that isn't a practical solution. Even for a small country or a large state you would be talking about millions of records to query and gigabytes of data to transfer. If the database owner is going to allow that amount of traffic they may as well just give out the whole database directly rather than providing an API to it.

    Although facts cannot be copyrighted, and business information like addresses and phone numbers are facts, you still probably wouldn't be able to get away with pulling that much data from a site that doesn't offer an API.

    For #1, yes you can buy these databases. Quality probably scales pretty closely with price. I've never purchased one before so I can't really make any recommendations, but I see several for sale when I google for it.

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