So I am tasked with creating a tool that will quickly check to see if a number of databases have been properly updated. I am attempting to do this with a Macro using an If/Then Function and a Message box. It will reference the upload dates on files and where they are = to todays date a message will be returned that the databases have been successfully updated.

Thus far I have pulled in all of the databases that I need to check and begun creating the Macro. My If statment is as follows... [Alliance Updated Query]![Note Date]=Date() ...This is just for one of the databases for testing purposes.

When I try to run it, however, I am met with error #2482. "Access cannot find the name 'Alliance Updated Query' you entered in the expression." I don't understand how to fix this since I am referencing a query within the same database that I am running the Macro. Maybe its just not possible to reference a query or a table (as I have tried both) in an if statement within a macro??? Any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance!!