I recently lunched my new project. I need to make a program that will connect to online sql database (remote host) and interact with it.
From the first hand i though it will be good to write that in python, but problem is that users need to have some kind of mySql driver in order to make that program functionable, which is not good.
There should be 100+ people using that program, and im supposing that they don't have such drivers.
So in which language could i make a program that can connect to online sql database without requirements for a driver on the computer?

I mean, users of that program should just download the program and run it, no need for extra requirements ( excluding framework ).
Also is something like that possible with direct connection program - sql db, or it's not possible without that extra requirements?

So what's the language i'm searching for? And tell me about it please, it's really important.