It's me again. I am the one who was called back to make some changes to an app I wrote last year.

Now they want me to use different fields. Actually there's only 1 field that's different. Last year they got the planograms from the grocery company, scanned them in and we populated the database with that information. The tblProduct has a field called "Package" which is basically how many individual items are packaged together in a case to be shipped to the store. Since that figure probably isn't going to change from store to store or from client grocery company to client grocery company, I included it in tblProduct.

There's another table called tblStoreProducts. This is where the information about each individual store's inventory is carried. The field "Cases" holds the information for how many cases a particular store has on hand in general.

The reports are generated, and the calculation [tblStoreProducts].[Cases] * [tblProduct].[Package] is performed where necessary.

They aren't getting the information in that format any more; the corporate office is instead giving them a spreadsheet for each store with the MaxUnits included.

Rather than re-do all the work from last year, I want to update tblStoreProducts with a new field called MaxUnits, and I want to do the calculation above, but store the result not as a calculation but as a hard value.


Marcie Fessler