I have officially switched from Linux System Administrator to Associate Database Administrator for my company. We've had a DBA spot open for months and I decided I'd love to learn SQL and how to manage our DBMS. I am pretty green so I've been told I have 90 days to achieve my MTA 98-364 Database Fundamentals Certification. I am really excited and have been studying as much as possible.

Do you guys have any suggestions for study material? I am really nervous since it's work mandated and while the material covered in the class isn't very complex, I want to make sure I don't underestimate the exam.

Secondly I've been using PostgreSQL a lot to understand basic SQL and relational theory. I stood up a PostgreSQL instance in EC2 and loaded some sample data from a training module in a database which was nice however I'd really like to point something at my database. I just don't know what to use it for to watch PostgreSQL in action. Is there an application I can use / download and point at my database? I'm really open to any database options that will populate live data for me. Thanks for any suggestions!