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    local Firebird DB -> onlinw MysqlDB connection

    Hi Guys,

    Iíve got such an issue. Iím working on a small project which main role is to display (online; on my own hosting) sales results which are available on local computer. On that local computer There is a sales system which base on Firebird DB. Iíve got something which works but I wanted to make it more modern & scalable.

    Local computer (firebird db) -> generate file with INSERT queries -> scheduled FTP tasks (4times per day) -> upload on hosting -> PHP script pumps data into mysql db

    And that works but as I mentioned its not a perfect solution. Whatís the most appropriate way of rebuilding that? Currently Iíve got following issues:
    - Local computer is turned ON for about 9 hours per day, after that its switched off
    - This solution makes it almost impossible to create on later stage any more advanced apps

    I want to do that only via free/opensource apps so any solutions like dbconvert (which costs like 200usd I usually skip). At the moment im looking for any best practices, tips and ideas for this ETL. My first thought was to create an API for firebird but the issue is, what when PC is off.
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    As long you have local data on the PC, you will always have the issue for it being off.
    Is it turned off at a exact time each day? Then you could schedule the FTP transfer to do the transfer XX min. before.

    Regarding costs, only you can decide how much worth it is to have a more instant/direct interface between the two system.
    But I will be surprised, if you can get direct access to the MySQL database from your PC.

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