Dear all.

Recently I come back to Delphi programming language after several years... (last in Delphi 3 :/).
I have a problem with a global variables, in fact as Delphi now have a possibility to work with a class var Ė Iím stuck...

I have a project with a MainForm and a several .bpl packages loaded in a folders
I need to share some Informationís between MainForm and packages like a logged user, access level,...
I added to a Main file a one unit called ProjectData with a next code:

unit ProjectData;


  TProjectData = class
  public const
    ProjectDataWebsiteURL: string = '';
      : string =
      'Copyright by me. All rights reserved.';

  class var
    BorsalAppPath: string;
    BorsalServer: string;
    BorsalServerPort: string;
    BorsalSQLUser: string;
    BorsalSQLPassword: string;
    BorsalDatabase: string;
    BorsalLogInUser: string;
    BorsalUser_Name: string;
    BorsalModuleLocation: string;
    BorsalModuleAccessLevel: string;


  ShellApi, Windows, Winapi.SHFolder;

Problem is how to access this class var from a bpl unit?
I add bpl-s to Runtime packages section of a main app and mark link with a runtime packages.
In this bpl I have some forms which I can orderly open.

Thx in advance...