Hi all, I need suggestions on how to code the following situations.
1) My order/entry program creates a form that the plant uses to manufacturer boxes. The working document needs to list the items "sold" prefixed with A, B, C, D etc. For example the first row on the report would be something like:
Qty Description W x D x H etc
A 4 Wood Box 12 x 12 x 4
B 2 Wood Box 18 x 21 x 3 1/2
What I need to do is "assign" A, B, C etc to each row.

2) After the letters are "assigned" then I need to sort the rows by D (depth) and secondarily by W with each row retaining the "assigned" A, B, C etc. Of course if there are more that 24 rows (different items sold) then the next 24 would be AA, BB, CC, DD etc and the next 24 would be AAA, BBB, CCC, DDD etc. I'ts possible that someone would order more than 76 different size boxes but not probable. Sooo what would you suggest on how to do this?