Hi, I got the following error message :
qryReconFinalCheck: CommandText does not return a result set

when I tried this code :

query := 'select ucode_recon, ucode_document1 as ucode_document, ucode_mu, recon_valuemu ';
query := query + 'into #temp from tb_dt_recon_pair ';
query := query + 'union ';
query := query + 'select ucode_recon, ucode_document2, ucode_mu, recon_valuemu ';
query := query + 'from tb_dt_recon_pair ';


It seems the problem is in this part of the query : "into #temp". CMIIW. I need the temporary table so I can use it in another query.

Is there any solution to this problem without :
1. Creating the table manually
2. And then fill it with the insert statement

Thanks before.

note : I'm using MS SQL Server and Delphi 6