I've developed an app in Delphi 5, when i run the app on win2000 or win xp everything works and there doesnt seem to be any problems.
Ive tried to run the same app on a Win NT but im have problems. The 1st forms loads Ok, but when i click a button to load the 2nd form it doesnt appear. I know the app is still running beecause its show the app name in Task Manager. its as though its strugling to open the second form. The 1st form is created in the Project Source Code bit and the 2nd is created when i click the 1st form. the code im using is below::

Application.CreateForm(TfrmMainMenu, frmMainMenu);

Like i said, this code runs fine in win 2000 or xp.

Is there any known issue when running something like this with NT

Any help or advice is appreciated