I have problems with the connection from Kylix 3 enterprise (component TSQLConnection from palette dbExpress) to Oracle.

My OS is Fedora Core 1. After many many problems with instalation of Kylix 3 I've done it. I have installed and configured Oracle Client (because Oracle db server is running on another machine) and tried connection with sqlplus...everything is ok.

Now I want to create an application in Kylix 3 that will use component TSQLConnection to connect to Oracle.

Parameters of this component are:

ConnectionName = OracleConnection
DriverName = Oracle
GetDriverFunc = getSQLDriverORACLE
KeepConnection = true
LibraryName = libsqlora.so
LoadParamsOnConnect = false (true taky nepomaha)
LoginPrompt = false
Name = sqlcon
Params: (TStrings) (DriverName, UserName, Password, Database... mam nastaveno spravne)
TableScope = [tsTable,tsView]
Tag = 0
VendorLib = libclntsh.so

After clicking to TButton and performing command:

sqlcon->Connected = true

...I'll get an error message:

SQL Error: Error mapping failed

There was also problem, that kylix could not load 'libclntsh.so', but I found this file and copied it to /usr/lib, but now I don't understand, what is wrong.

There is MySQL on my machine too. When I configure this component to MySQL, it works.

Do you know, what to do with this?
Up to now my experience with Kylix 3 was neverending FIGHT.
There were problems with almost everything.

If you cannot help me with this, could you send me links to some more forums about programming (kylix, delphi, c++, oracle, linux) where I would find some additional informations?

thank u