I have a Sample1Frm.pas,
Sample1List.pas and Sample1Obj.pas
Sample1List.pas contains two grids with one to many relationship among them, based on the record selected in 1st grid, 2nd grid may have multiple records.
On Sample1List.pas click event of 2nd grid, i called the instance of Sample2Obj.pas[Sample2 ].

Sample2.DisplayEdit(Set of parameters);

It has its unique DM(Sample2Dm.pas) and Frm(Sample2Frm.pas). when i clicking on Prior (->) or next (<-) key in the form(Sample2Frm), it looping through the records, which are all available in main dataset of Sample2Dm.pas. Instead of that i need it to return its control to Sample1Obj.pas and looping through the 2nd grid Dataset of Sample1List.pas for that particular record which is available in 1st grid.

Is it possible ?

Thanks in advance...