Would someone kindly tell me how to properly stop a looping animation in a Microsoft Agent in Delphi (so that I can go on to another animation).

The documentation states "If you play a looping animation, you must use Stop to clear it before other animations in the character's queue will play."

Every variation of "Stop" that I have tried so far seems to be unacceptable.

Thank you very much

Lawrence Diamond
I am using Delphi 4 at the moment

Example code

with Agent.Characters.Item['Peedy'] do
case i of //different animations are on a timer and i is just the increment of the timer going off
1: Play('Greet');
2: Play('Idle2_2');
3: Play('Process');
4: begin
Play('Idle3_3'); // Listens to music on headphones, a looping animation
// What command do I use to stop the looping animation?