I have found a Delphi app to convert TrueType characters to Vectors however the code is very old (1997) and for Delphi 5. I have been unable to get it to work in XE3 and I'm hoping someone here will have the technical skills to tweak it for me, it's way beyond my 'script-kiddie' level of coding!

As a new member I can't post the file's URL but it can be downloaded from CodeForge. Google "ttf2vt25.zip".

The (first?) problem occurs (for me) on the line:
pcSize := buf^.cb - sizeof(TTTPolygonHeader);
This returns 560 - 16 = 544 on the first pass but 0 - 16 = 4294967280 on the second pass. This causes an Integer overflow error. I tried upping the variable to Int64 but get the same result.

Thanks in advance,