I am trying to make a software training platform which has on the left a list of video titles, on the top right a panel to display avi videos, below that tmediaplayer controls, play, stop, etc., below that is a memo field to display text about the current video.

I have the layout ok, and I can play 1 video that I code into the program by selecting tmediaplayer properties, filename=C:\video.avi, etc., but what I need is a way to link the list of video titles to the media player and the memo text field so that whenever someone clicks on a title the correct video is loaded and the text changes.

I don't know, do I need to use database controls instead of a listbox? How can I hook up a list of titles to change which avi file is loaded into the media player? If anyone can give me at least a good lead, thanks. I am using C++ builder 6.