Hi All
I am building a welding simulator for learners. I have some 3D videos of the close up welding done in 18 streams. Each movie was taken for ten seconds of the same scene but with slightly different scenes of the weld. From poor to good. No 1 is poor, No 2, a bit better, No3 a bit better and No 18 is perfect.
My simulator gives inputs from a glove attached to the learners hand. So when he moves "good" he will see the "good movie". If his hand moves bad, he will see movie No1 and so on. I have perfected the issue of sending the 18 different inputs via the serial port to be read by my Delphi program which will select the appropriate movie to display. My problem lies here - that the selection is slow and the player does not not load instantly.
I need code which should instantly select from 1-18 and load the respective movie simultaneously into a suitable fast 3d player. There must be no delay involved. All help will be appreciated