I am trying to create a 'TRENDS' chart with Delphi and TeeChart.

For that, I am trying to create a 3-D bar chart with left axis (Y-axis) being a number scale (like 0-1000), Bottom axis (X-axis) to be 7 days (Mon-Sun), and depth axis (Z-axis) to be weeks. My report data spans back to 11/2/12 and has data (a single number) for each day. So, basically the graph should have a scale of 0-1000 on the left, 7 labels along the horizontal (Mon-Sun), and then approx 36 rows deep (Z-axis) containing the data (bar for EACH day) with a 'row' label for that week (eg. xx/xx/13 to xx/xx/13).

Step by step instructions for TeeCharts are scarce AND I have found nothing on the Net describing how to do a Z-axis (3rd axis). Am I trying to use the Delphi/TeeChart software to create a chart it is NOT capable of delivering??

I have good example of layout I am trying to duplicate.. message me for link since I can not post it here.

PLEASE, any input would be welcome. Thanks.