I am using TWebBrowser to get the text of a table in a web page before parsing it to extract certain bits of data, notably the title for a particular link.

I'm having dificulty finding out exactly what is in the web page so that I can design my parser.
eg. Using IE to navigate to the web page and choosing View|Source I might get

<td><a href="https://www.mywebpage?xx=65" title="Show this">Show this</a></td>
but using (WebBrowser.Document AS IHTMLDocument2).body
I get
<TD><A title="Show this" href="https://www.mywebpage?xx=65">Show this</A></TD>
The difference in letter case, and particularly in the position of title="Show this" within the <td> </td> tags makes it tricky to konw what is actually in the web page as downloaded.

Which one is 'right'? the text shown using View|source in IE or the text in WebBrowser.Document?

And why are they displayed differently?