Hi everybody !

I'm having a problem with dbgrid's scrollbar . It turns out that
when data is loaded into dbgrid and I click just one time on the vertical scrollbar to see data below , the pointer "skips" from the first to the last record. This is undesirable for me because I would like to click on the scrollbar and it would show row after row like the previous button and next button I have created.

Anyone in this forum would be able to give me a concrete solution to this problem? Is it a bug? Is it missing something in the design time ? What code could be implemented to solve this?

Thank you very much to all you !

Additional details

Components :

Zconnection (mysql)

- Connection : Zconnection
- SQL : Select * from contacts

DataSetProvider - DataSet : ZQuery

ClientDataSet -ProviderName : DataSetProvider

DataSource -DataSet : ClientDataSet

Dbgrid -DataSource : DataSource