I'm trying to use a calendar component (don't care which so long as its free) to allow the user to select a contiguous range of dates between a starting and ending date. Max components mxCalendar sometimes seems to select a range at run time but I can't see what I am doing to get the range selected (ctrl,? shift? dunno!) and I can't seem to be able to select more than one day with Tcalendar. Either way I can't see how to get from the component the start and end dates, or the set of dates in the selected date range.

Any suggestions for a suitable component or how to correctly use the ones I have?

PS I had a look at the jedi timeframework stuff and although their demo hinted that I might be able to do this simple thing with their components, the demo was too flashy and complex and with no documentation so I couldn't see the wood for the trees. (Also it used the 'with' construct a lot so you cannot tell which identifiers are object properties and which are just variables defined elsewhere - wish demos would use full object referencing!)