Hello Everyone,
Please excuse me if this question sounds vague.

So I have an software that was written in Delphi 7. There is no support from the software company any longer so I am looking to change a few things in the source code that the software company provided.

I would like some suggestions/help as to create a DLL that could be used with this software. The software has in built scripting capabilities. Currently the software is communicating with the devices only via serial communication or GPIB.

Is there any way I could create a library so as to just call the commands/functions from the software in order to connect the electrical devices via USB/Ethernet.
Does this make sense?

Below, is an scripting example that the software uses to connect via ethernet but it does not work (as the programmer who created the VisaIO libraries does not work here anymore)

Sys.AssginTOVar[UserVar={VISA_Resource}, NewValue=TCPIP0::192.X.X.X::inst0:INSTR]

Sys.AssignToVar[UserVar={VISA_Resource}, NewValue=TCPIP0::a-289484a-43238::inst0::INSTR]

Com.ExecProc[ScriptName=Ethernet_IO, ProcName=VISA_Read, AutoLoadApp=Ture,VariableMap={"Device_Response}={Device_Response}"]

This is not the full code but just to give you an idea how the in built scripting works with the software.
I want to create my own DLLs for ethernet, USB, Bluetooth so I can use it with the delphi software.
Thanks in advance for ur help.