Hello Forum,

Please help, I am not an animation specialist...

I am trying to animate this puzzle, 8 people need to cross a river on a barge.
1 AF(Adult Female) ,2 AM (Adult Males), 2 MM (Minor Males) ,2MF(Minor Females) and 1 JF(Juvenile Female). The AF and AM1 are parents to the four minors. AM2 is a policeman in charge of the JF.
The barge rules are;
A Max of two people per trip on the barge,
A Min of 1 adult per trip,
Minors and Juveniles must accompany a Min of 1 adult,
If the opposite gender parent is left in charge or is in the presence of a minor without the other parent that violates the barge rules,
The policeman can accompany anyone,
The JF will attack anyone if not supervised by the policeman.

My vision is the following;

8 emogi type images representing each of people crossing.
barge gif/img
river gif/img

Timer/stop watch label top right


Un/Load button left centre (caption is Load if barge is empty and Unload if barge is not)
Cross button below Un/Load button
Un/Load button Right centre (caption is Load if people are already on the other and Unload if barge is not empty)
Return button below Un/Load right button
Restart Game next to centre label on the right
Abort Game next to centre label on the right

The above people images will be positoned in mirror positions on the other side once successfully crossed.

All buttons, labels and Timers are disabled in the OnCreate Event for the form except for Load button left centre.

large label in the centre below the four buttons is there to indicate barge violation messages and Congratulations once resolved.

You should be able to select any number of gifs/jpgs and click Load, the timer starts now.

Then Cross is enabled, click Cross. All other buttons are still disabled except for the Restart Game (does not restart the timer just returns all the people images to their original positions) and the Abort Game buttons which marks the game as unresolved and closes the form.
If there are barge violations the label in the centre should display 'Barge Rules Violation'the images should then revert to last load.

Once crossed the Unload button is enabled on the far side. You should be able to select which gif/img to unload
when Unload is clicked, the caption is changed to Load, you can now select and load gif/imgs to load for the return trip. The return button is then enabled and can be clicked.

Once all 8 have crossed the timer stops and label displays Congradulations.

In the long term.
I would also like to reference the Timer and resolved status so that I can write that inofrmation to a database to hold stats.