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    Post Zork 'esc' text adventure

    hello, first of all thanks for looking through this post. i am an aspiring writer and a novice programmer, so the game will be extremely simple as i will learn things along the way. i am hoping to get some (just a little) hype about it, even tough i'm not looking for for a huge fan base, 1 or 2 supporters would be nice. so back to the point, this is just a little opening to announce my game, it will be a text adventure in the style of cult classic zork, meaning there will be a room exploration based system with hp, inventory, and gold system. again very basic but simplicity is often the way forward, the game has only just started development and will have a playable demo free for download soon. the game it self will be free, like i would charge for a badly (by some standards) made text adventure, if you want to see this game or just want to ask a question post a comment and let me know if have done anything wrong(this is my first time posting on the site) thanks
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    Cool, I always wanted to do a text based RPG until I get the hang of Visual Studio 2008, to then do some sprite based rpgs.

    Text based is a good route for beginners imo.

    I'm totally a beginner too, took a Visual Basic and C++ course in high school, but the teacher was just about to retire plus really strict.

    I really didn't have the basis I do now for Calculus and the like (Took up to Calculus II).

    Anyway, I wish you luck dude, sounds like total fun man.

    I have been doing tutorials for Visual C++ and Python (and now am trying to find a good editor for Perl heh) so I understand the need to make a game haha. That'd be so cool

    Its a pretty fun skill to have, plus I'm using it to also maybe get a data analyst job later on once I prove myself by taking a few required courses since I already just got a Bachelor's in Science (Biotech), but really am interested in pursuing that route.

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