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    What do you call a group of dragons?

    I was thinking about this, and decided we need an official name for a group of dragons. "Flock" and "herd" make them sound far too wimpy.

    I personally like "blaze" and "terror" A terror of dragons? "Thunder" would be fitting too; the word dragon came from the Chinese word for thunder, after all. What do you think?
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    Japanese mythology refers to a group of dragons as "Tatsu".
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    There is already an official word to describe a group of dragons. The correct word you're looking for is a "flight". English is a funny language!

    Anyone know the proper word to describe a group of crows? A group of geese? How about rhinos? Owls? (Yes I know the answers already, but I figure you guys could entertain yourself a bit):

    SPOILER ANSWERS (highlight text below to see them)
    A murder of crows
    A gaggle of geese
    A crash of rhinos
    A parliament of owls
    Up the Irons
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    Well it all depends on what they were doing...

    Like if they were all sitting around and playing "Papers and Paychecks" then I would call them a group of Grumpie old Men...LMAO!!!

    Sorry comment is from a old RPGer like myself!

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