Alright. College football kicks off in two weeks and I've got an idea that I can't do anything with. I'd like to develop some college football office pool software, but I'm far too "newbie" to take on such a task. If anyone out there would be interested in helping out I would greatly appreciate it. I really don't know much at all, but I've got a general idea of how the site could work. I'd like to run it from a linux box and make it all server side so that everyone on the network could use it. There's a few programs out there for office pools, but none of them are web based. I know I've kind of taken more of a recruiter role than a developer role, but I know there's no way I could accomplish this is such a short time frame. Anyone interested in helping? I'll gladly write the documentation and provide the test platform, even put it on a geocities page for the rest of the world. I'm just the biggest poser of a developer right now that I can't even attempt this. Thanks.