Dear Gentlemen,

hope you are all right. Merry Christmas!!

currently workin on a calendar for the new year - a dayly planner - diary!
a GTD (Get things done thing) based on a diary with planner-options
it is created in open office or /libre office

see a overwiew of what is aimed:

the question is: how do i get the months that are shown in the bottom - in the footer of the
layout. How can i manage to get the months for the whole year.

note: the months are shown below - for each week in each month we have some little overviews
that show

a. the current month
b. the previous month
c. the month that comes later

see the document as it is: 02.odt

see the examples for for more infos;

note: that is an example for the month of march. Well - how can i do this for the whole year.
It is pretty difficult to create the calendar in the bottom. Can you help me here..!?

plz ask if i have to explain more deeply


see more infos here:

btw: there are more infos that go into the calendar. i do a import of the data
i import 365 texts called losungen that are biblical notes and verbs. see.

note: no problem with the import of all those data: all that goes well and is no problem at all.
see an example