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    Db management tool

    Hi, I'm evaluating some opensource db tools, like mysqlnavigator, pgaccess, ibaccess, isql ...
    I'd like to know what features everyone would see in them, like browsing, user management, visual design, data pumping, replication management ....
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    The only thinkg I use (occasinaly) for db managing is phpmyadmin and I like it. Not too fancy and has everything I need (plus written in one of my favorate languages )
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    Post Since you asked

    Each RDBMS has good tools, whether it is the mysql or pgsql tools, PGAccess, MS Enterprise Manager or the excellent phpXXXAdmin series.

    As demonstrated by the above posts, most of us are pretty set in our ways when it comes to database tools, myself included.

    A new management tool in this area would have to offer something the stand alone, per RDBMS system tools do not offer. It would have to be flexible, fast and work with all the popular databases and run on multiple platforms.

    On top of that, the interface would need to be customizable in its features so that things like graphical table relationships and query building could be turned on and off with a click. And be able to manage all aspects of each servers administration in a common interface.

    I'd settle for a good rip off of M$'s Enterprise Manager or GreatBridge's Win32 PGAccess that runs on X-Windows (curses would be great, too, for us console junkies), and is fully functional with all aspects of MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Informix, et al.

    That should be easy enough

    Now that thats out of the way, whos up for getting all these RDBMSs to adhere to the ANSI language specs?

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