I'm not sure if this will belong here or if I merely overlooked the correct forum, but here goes nothing. I'm looking to start a fantasy wrestling site(better known as a eFed) and I want to try to make the website very unique. A lot of the things I am wanting to do is outside of my range of web coding and it is really frustrating me. I'm looking for people with great knowledge of php and css. I can't afford to pay, but I am totally willing to list all contributor's portofolios and such as an affiliate as well as give credit on the website. I'm also wanting any people willing to commit there time in helping me(somebody none of you know and is relatively new to the site) to become a part of the OOC(Out of Character) Community once it is up and running.

So if there are any volunteers or people interested and wanting more information, please feel free to pm me or respond to this thread. I am going to be working on the layout over the next couple of days and would like to start lining up everything to get this big venture in place. I say big venture, because there are hundreds of these things out there, but I am wanting to go above and beyond and really provide something new and fresh.

I have a rough draft of the things I am wanting on the main page plus a brief description of some other things and I am listening them below. So once again, anybody willing to dedicate some time to this, It would be greatly appreciated. It will be a non profit website, so no money will be made off of the work(main reason I'm willing to link to personal portfolios for those who contributed.)

Rough Draft

:: Xquizite Force Wrestling Website ::


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Shows - Sublinks for Main Show Card, Main Show Results, Main Show Archive, PPV Card, PPV Results, PPV Archive, Special Events Card, Special Events Results, Special Events Archives.
Forums - Will take you to the website forums
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