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    This is so fvcked up! I work 17 hours a week!


    I noticed I not that productive, so I decided I have to "hack" myself to find out what the heck is going on.

    How come I spend all day behind the desk and don't get enough done.

    So I started recording my "uninterrupted" work hours! Can you believe I work 7 days a week but my "100% focused hours is around 17 hours!!!

    This is so fvcked up! I am so shocked! I thought I have at least 50 hours focused work hours.

    I don't have energy do work more! I've cut all the heavy meals, stick to 2-3 coffess a day and work on specific things.

    17 hours a week is really really low.

    I noticed I start around 11 (I know I know ...) and around 17:30 I am tired as!

    This is the first week I monitored myself. I feel like an old pregnant woman. But I am a young guy and I am not pregnant.

    I know I can make it better but honestly I had no idea my energy and hours is so low!

    Have you monitored yourself? If you do what's your day like? Are you very different? Or you think you are? What dou you receommend I do?

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    I have my ups and downs. I've never actively monitored myself but I know some days I may work 12+ hours, only pausing for some short bathroom/food breaks and other days I may only get a few hours in and waste the day away on other things. A lot of the why behind it is just how interested I am in whatever I'm working on at the time.

    New interesting projects tend to get a lot of time, at least until I hit my first significant hurdle. When it comes to boring/mundane projects I tend to procrastinate because a) I'm reasonably confident there won't be problems and b) I just don't want to do them and/or c) I think personally the project is kind of pointless and not worth the time.

    The boring/mundane stuff tends to be things like data entry systems where it's making a bunch of forms, doing a ton of validations to make sure users don't do stupid stuff, and saving the data to a DB. There's nothing interesting being done, no hard problems to be solved. Writing a bunch of validation for stuff that ideally should never happen sucks. Laying out a bunch of input forms sucks.

    Reason (c) in particular really makes me procrastinate. The worst offender of this is one place that keeps asking me to add a "PDF" link to various reports so they can print a PDF. There's really no reason they couldn't just use something like chrome's build in print-to-pdf feature, the end result is nearly the same.

    Now that there are some decent html-to-pdf translations available such tasks are not so bad, I generally generate the same HTML, run it through a converter and serve that. Small html/css tweaks are usually necessary so it still takes a few hours at least. Before that however such a conversion entailed basically re-building the output using something like tcpdf which was painstakingly slow and boring. I could easily waste an entire 8-hour day building a PDF with an output table that would have taken me an hour to do in HTML.

    Aside from always getting interesting/engaging work I don't have any suggestions for improving ones working time. Making sure you have deadlines helps. Sometimes I'll be given projects that are more of a "when you get time" nature and if it's boring it'll sometimes take me quite a while to "get time"
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