Ahem... <taps microphone>

I'm pretty new in developping (1 year). My previous professional expericence never/seldom included coding, nor did my academic studies .

I've touched at Vbasic, C++ , but never realy got into it back then. (I did re-write a lot AD&D rules on a crummy laptop in Qbasic though, lol!).

I've had the opportunity to change that about a year ago, took some "time off", and have been busy learning, Mainly PHP, Mysql, HTML, and a little Javascript (ok, add a few lines of perl, but just a few...).

I love it!

Now, my "time-off" is nearly over, and well... I have a few questions I'd like to ask :

What kind of teams are you working with ?
2->3 poeple ?
5->10 poeple ?
More / less ?

What kind of timeframe are you usualy working with ?

I suppose there are both large/small developpement companies out there... To be honnest, I'm thinking about contract work, but is it feasible ?

Thank you for your time,