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    I think I've seen the sunlight

    Hey everyone. Finally decided to take programming seriously and force myself to learn it and...wow! This is so much fun! I don't know about you guys but over the last few years I've dabbled with C++, Perl, and web development quite a bit, but I've always dropped it out of boredom (you know...when something sounds fun but is harder then you expect...).

    I think I've seen the sunlight though as I've reached a point where I know enough about C++ that I can make little programs that are actually useful and this is...freaking fun! Even though I spent an hour earlier trying to figure out why my program wasn't converting the numbers correctly I found it fun. Even when I realized that I had designed it wrong I had fun writing it all over again. I even had fun looking over others code to help rewrite my own.

    Is this how you feel when you're programming?
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    You mean happy? Usually. You can get overworked or find yourself staring at a problem that is way harder than you thought it would be with a deadline creeping up on you -- and those experiences aren't fun. But generally yes, its fascinating and fun to solve problems. I particularly enjoy it when I understand most, but not all, of how to solve a problem and go into monk mode for a day or two, find a solution, and wind up with something elegant and correct quickly thereafter. Its a cathartic experience, and really fun.

    You'll find yourself doing a lot of trivial repetitive stuff sometimes when you're doing interface code -- and those are often good opportunities to take yourself to another level of problem solving and see if you can write a program that will write the programs you need for you. That's really fun, and can be useful in situations outside GUI coding once you get the hang of it.

    Anyway, keep having fun. If it starts to suck and you don't have to do it, then do something else and come back -- even if the something else is writing a totally different program that writes a program to help with the part of programming that sucks.
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    Originally Posted by icykarma21
    Is this how you feel when you're programming?
    I administrate various development teams. Programming is something that other people do and something which happens to me. I used to be a programmer, now I just hate them

    But really, it is very special when you find something which you love doing and learning. If you can work with what you love, then you have found that special combo
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