Hey everyone, been a while since I posted here. Mostly because I had a massive break from programming and started studying at uni. Anyway...

I find that uni isn't too demanding at the moment, and I want to get into making games or modding, in fact it doesn't necessarily have to be games. Preferably part of a team, though. Something organised, in order to get some experience.

Anyway, I'd appreciate it, if you know of any forums I can advertise looking to join a modding team, or even if any of you are a part of a team, to let me know or any advice on getting experience.

I seem to remember asking for advice on getting experience so if I've made a thread like this before then I am sorry...

I have a fair bit of experience in C++ programming and starting a course in Java and PHP.

Any advice/input at all.

Thank you.

How are you all doing? Good?