Weíre two information systems students at Uppsala university, Sweden, currently working on our bachelorís thesis. The aim of
our paper is to investigate usability in open-source software and conduct a qualitative study on the subject. To do this in a
satisfactory manner we hope to examine a couple of open source projects and interview itís main developers with the intent
of gaining knowledge about development within the context of usability in open-source software. The interviews will be done
via e-mail and all participants are anonymous. The software itself will be heuristically evaluated and the result will be analyzed
together with the answers from the interviews. Our time span is quite limited and our goal is to have completed the interviews
within 1-4 weeks.

If youíre a developer within open-source software, donít hesitate to contact us! Unfortunately, we do not have funds to give
any compensation for your time. However, your participation will be greatly appreciated and will aid us in achieving our bachelorís

Send an e-mail to robertmatshellgren@gmail.com stating which project youíve worked on and what role you had in that project.

Thank you,
Robert & David