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    Lightbulb Revive The Dying Forum

    Hello everyone. I stopped by here on a whim to see what was going on. I'm very disappointed at the lack of activity in this forum. This used to be the best place to get a quick and accurate answer to almost any programming issue. I see there are still loyal people like Doug.G whom have dedicated so many years to helping people and continue to do so today. I have the deepest respect for your hard work and loyalty in helping others asking nothing in return. It is commendable and honorable. As I write this I see that I should commit some time each day to try and answer questions asked within my technical grasp. Unfortunately I have been an off and on programmer for very long and am by no means proficient but I am able to google resources to get an answer. I have a suggestion which I think I have offered before but it seems like the forum needs reorganization now more than ever.

    Consolidate. Many of these forums haven't had a post in months or longer. Five forums haven't had a post since 2015.

    .NET Development posts could be sorted into their respective programming languages. These days any " Visual ..." language is .NET.
    Regex could be consolidated the same but it is a very useful and specific category so maybe not. The best consolidation could be done further below.
    Mobile Programming doesn't have enough activity to warrant the individual forums. Users could simply put [iPhone] / [Android] / etc... into the subject. This would also make it easier for people with knowledge of multiple platforms be able to help answer questions without hunting them down.
    Web Hosting could all be lumped into one forum.
    Computer Hardware could be all consolidated as well.

    I hope this post does not insult anyone as that is certainly not my intention. Nor do I mean to overstep in anyway but this forum used to be the central hub for so many people asking an answering questions. I would love to see that again. Also if we can get people to tell their friends and co workers about this resource, especially those working in the respective fields, we could get activity back up. The less activity there is, the less people will trust their question will be answered promptly which will cause them to go elsewhere. It's a difficult position to get out of. I posted this in the Lounge instead of suggestions because I wanted to incite discussion on the topic and poll to see what people think. This wouldn't be as effective in the suggestions forum. Thank you for your time and good luck everyone.

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    Originally Posted by Brendan.C
    I hope this post does not insult anyone as that is certainly not my intention.
    Not at all! I think that consolidating some of the forums or even closing some would be a great idea. I like your ideas, and I just wanted to post here to say that I've read them and will be following this thread if anyone else has ideas too.

    I think that I'm the only one who has the ability to close or open forums right now. It is possible, and may be doable, to give that permission to some of our mods temporarily to make the process move more quickly. If we were to do it. I think all of our mods have the ability to move threads around though - so sorting the .NET threads out, for example, is something I think is possible right now.

    Regex does get a bump every now and then.

    I agree with you about Mobile Programming, as well as web hosting. Well - I'd like to close Web Hosting Offers, personally. But the rest could be lumped together. Or if that's not possible, we should keep Web Hosting Offers separate from any general Web Hosting section. Offers would be spam anywhere else.
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    Well, reading your kind words, I'm certainly not
    I hope this post does not insult anyone as that is certainly not my intention.
    Doug G
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