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    Question Sony Vegas Studio 6.0 - FX & plugins

    I was wondering if there are some plugins to download or buy for Sony Vegas 6, that will allow you to make your text "animated" in these four (4) possible methods:

    1. Have the text slowly "blow away/deteriorate" as if it was made of sand and the sand was being blown off the screen.

    2. Have the text come up and float as if it was on water and then go back or sink in to the water and have water at the bottom of the screen. Or have the text made of water/ice and then "melts" away.

    3. Have an option for the texture/skin of the text to choose from...i.e. gold or silver "shiny" text.

    4. Have the text shake rapidly like its going through an earthquake.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to achieve these FX, through Sony Vegas (or any other video editing software), please let me know. Maybe even a "text only" editing program that renders to .wmv, kinda like Holywood movie intros that do so much with their opening credits and text. I already know how to make the text move around and have "shine through/spotlight" come through the text, just wanting more options with it.
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    As this thread is more to do with video editing than hardware, I'm moving it from Multimedia Hardware to the Lounge.

    If you have any problems with this, don't hesitate to PM/email me.
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