Hi all,

I just registered to this forum and I apologise if my thread is irrelevant for this part of the forum.

I am currently working as a IT Support Officer but I would like to shift my career to Database Design and Development that I am passionate about.

Since I do not want to have some expensive private courses at some institutes, I am looking for some guidance from database experts. I thought this forum would be the best choice for me to get some help.

I would like to start to learn everything about Databases from the very beginning although I even learnt PL/SQL in my masters. As far as I saw in the job ads, Oracle 11g and MS SQL Server 2008 is the most wanted database platform although both of them' syntax might be very similar. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I would like to find some online resources in order to learn conceptually and practically everything regarding database design and development. Online resources could be video tutorials, lecture slides, exercises, assignments, etc. Learning conceptually does not mean anything to me without any practice that's why I would like to make some exercises or even small projects on the Oracle 11g I will install on my laptop.

So if you know any good website explaining the concepts and providing exercises or projects with their solutions, could you please share their weblink or name with me?

If you know any good e-books or books covering everything about database design and development, please provide me their names too.

I really appreciate every single suggestion of any of you.