has anybody heard of them and their products?
my boss had just briefly mentioned that he has a project in mind for some not-very-distant future and we will use that product with FileMaker (read: i want you to do something using that product and File Maker and will leave you figuring it all out on your own again).
I just hate when my boss does that!!! errr "I know you can figure it out" is his favourite. I have been figuring it out in the past, but even though it is rewarding in the end, it is annoying and frustrating in the process. He never suggests to buy a book on a subject, let alone send me to training. His idea is that if I bang my head on the wall enough times, I will be able to solve the problem. Considering I am the only IT person in the company, I have nobody to ask and he is not any much of a help (he is a Design Manager)
So... even though it is not the hottest topic of the day for me right now, it might very likely become one in the future and any info on these products you can give me would be extremely helpful. referrals to the web sites with the info would be great too. (please keep in mind that I have never done any server-side development and only have a very brief theoretic understanding of what it is all about)


p.s. I know that ideally this discussion shoud belong to server-side, but that section is divided into topics very striktly and I do not think my question fits any of the categories there.