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    Lightbulb www.digital-mafia.co.uk -- Views please !

    Hi all

    Can someone please give me some comments on my site and forums at :-

    www.digital-mafia.co.uk ( site )
    www.digital-mafia.co.uk/forums/ ( board )

    Thatd be awesome !!

    Thanks !
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    Looks like you have put some effort into it.

    The forum is a little graphic intensive for my taste though.
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    Ok, I feel good because of freebsd, so I am not gonna start flaming here about wrong forum and all. Just feedbacks on site.

    First of all, that flashing 'forum' sing catches attention, which is good as long as you do not read something. When I started reading, my eye tended to look on 'forum' button. Not good - distracts from getting info.

    Site is not made to run on 800x600 - not necessaraly, but that would be good if you fixed that.

    "None Found"... nope, make it just "none", that way visitor doesn't have the feeling like he talks to robot which only searched db.

    I am guessing site is based on nuke family, so I am not going to comment site structure, although 'private messages' shouldn't appear at all for non-registered users.

    Calendar and weather report - sweet, like that. Google probaly shouldn't be there.

    I would switch "The Latest Discussions" and "top stories" - imo, discussions shouldn't be the first thing user sees unless it is community site (very broad difinition, but hope it'll do)

    Currency Converter -> doesn't work. Outta there.

    Probably too many sticky's on the chit char forum

    Well, thats about it, otherwise well done site. Too bad I cannot check other broswers and speed, but looks good on ie5.5 and ie6.0.26 and 1.5mbits
    Bottom line -> Thumbs up, Good Job!
    And you know I mean that.
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    a gun oriented as the one in your title graphic shoots out of the screen, as to hit the person sitting to my left on the airplane. It does not shoot in to the screen, as to hit the text behind it. This is the sort of thing that drives me crazy and (to me) makes a site look unprofessional. But it's entirely possible that I am being much too picky.

    in more objective things, the three columns line up one after another vertically instead of side by side as I expect they are meant to in Mozilla. Looking through the code to try to see why, I note that many of your stylesheets and meta tags are located in the wrong place - in the body instead of in the head. I don't think this has anything to do with mozilla's rendering, though. Looking through this thing in the Mozilla DOM inspector, however, it looks like the code could use some significant cleaning up.

    Everyone should try his/her site in more strict browsers.

    still, this looks pretty good in IE, and it seems like a good site concept. I agree that you should drop google, though. most people can search right from their address bar, not to mention that it is more convenient to go to google.com than to scroll all the way to the bottom of that long page.

    -wg <><

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