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    ZIP, custom name and copy to folder

    Hi all, I need something special and have no idea how to achieve it.

    I need a kind of script that would allow people using a computer (XP) to right-click on a folder and/or files and then hit a kind of 'ZIP and copy to folder DROPBOX'. It's like a ZIP and email but on a folder, ZIP and copy to folder.

    Here is some specifications;

    - The folder 'DROPBOX' will always be the same, the destination never change

    - The ZIP file would have to get some kind kind of uniqueness name generator (timestamp+random?), ex.: 130480392_5643.zip, just to make sure the file is not there twice

    - Must create a single file, with ZIP extension

    - No confirmation, if the user right-click a folder and/or files and hit 'ZIP and copy to DROPBOX', it does the job right away, no confirmation on what to do or that it's done (only a DOS command that opens and close itself once done would be nice).

    Thanks a lot

    UPDATE : After thinking a bit, the only way a confirmation would be ok if it's the random name generation part is not working, example, you right-click, choose 'ZIP and send to DROPBOX', a small input window opens prompting to enter a name for the archive, you enter something and hit 'generate zip'.
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    1) I'd say the first step would be for you to locate a program that will ZIP a folder via the command line interface.

    Three free solutions:
    Two programs you can purchase:

    2) Then you need to find someone who knows VBScript and can create the new file name and issue command line commands.

    3) Then you need to find someone who knows how to add an option to the context menu of folders in Windows Explorer, unless you'd be satisfied with adding this script to the "sendto" folder, which is quite easy (under WinXP, just put a shortcut in "%USERPROFILE%\SendTo").
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