Didn't know exactly where to post this because it covers several areas.

What I'd like to do is this;

1. allow a user that signs in to my web site to fill in an order form and submit it
2. order form data arrives at my web server, data gets parsed into an XML document (using JSP) for later use AND also gets put to a mysql database. The database has the same named fields (rows/columns) as the tags in the XML document. OR, break the XML document down and store it in the database.

3. allow the user to do a search on the database using either a web browser, WAP, or PDA. The results get pulled out of the database to an XML form and can are transformed back to either the web browser, WAP or PDA.

4. lastly, allow users to log in and be able to track them as well as display 'welcome...#name#' messages back.

I'd like to use JSP since I'm new to it. Has anyone built anything like this? What tools would you use? I've heard about Cocoon, Web Services, etc. Anyone install and use those? Would they help with this application? I want to use only open source/free tools to do this.

I'll be doing my build on Windows 2000 server and Linux Mandrake. Thx.